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The story of Chuckles and the Crimson Twins

So like today's review said, fancy packaging. It looks like some sort of electronic device, with a screen and speaker on the front, various knobs and dials and wires all around the sides, and Extensive Enterprises branding on the back. … Continue reading

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Prepare for Trubble

--and make it Bubble! (via) And now, some more OAFEry:GI Joe Movie Watch 2 - first trailer GI Joe and the Transformers #6 GI Joe Movie Watch 2 - More actors out, and a release date The Shang-Chi/GI Joe connection … Continue reading

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Firefly v2

Got new Firefly. It’s definitely a nice figure but somewhat dampened by the fact that the first Classified Firefly was already great. And now, some more OAFEry:Flippin' Through Previews - September '10 GI Joe Movie Watch: Worldwide Joes John Carpenter's … Continue reading

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GI Joe: Wrath of Cobra

And now, some more OAFEry:Rustin's Spoils of the Week #65 Flippin' Through Previews - December '06 Joe Friday: Our Newest Member, Calvin IDW leads the way to Hasbro's shared universe Flippin' through Previews - July '11

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GI Joe Classified Retro Series: Gung-Ho exclusive review

He blue. And now, some more OAFEry:GI Joe Classified B.A.T addendum The Pythona that almost was GI Joe Kre-O Firebat Attack review It's National Barbie Day AND Joe Friday, all at once! GI Joe Classified Series: Snake-Eyes (02) review

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Recondo Down Unda

When GI Joe was exported from America, it didn't really make sense for them to be "A Real American Hero" anymore, so Action Force took the Joe characters and simply gave them different birthplaces. For example, GI Joe's Flint was … Continue reading

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GI Joe: Outback addendum

Outback may not have appeared on the cartoon, but he did appear in animation: as a way around advertising restrictions, Hasbro produced a handful of commercials for the GI Joe comicbook, including this one for issue #59, "Divergent Paths": Also … Continue reading

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Lampreys, Gyro-Vipers, BATs, Techno-Vipers

One more group to add to the big list of companies trying to rehabilitate their image through a bit of light rainbow-washing: First masks, now this? Cobra may be an evil terrorist organization, but they're not stupid. (via) And now, … Continue reading

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Hasbro Marketing Secrets Revealed

(via) And now, some more OAFEry:GI Joe Kre-O blind-bagged figure decoder What does the GI Joe 2 delay mean for toys? GI Joe-scaled dog and exo armor go to Kickstarter Monkey Boy - Toys for the NOW GI Joe: introducing … Continue reading

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GI Joe Classified: Tomax & Xamot addendum

Valentina Remenar's art for Tomax and Xamot was, like the brothers themselves, two halves of a unified whole: And now, some more OAFEry:The Village People as GI Joes GI Joe: Stars and Stripes Forever addendum Toy Soldiers: War Chest Flippin' … Continue reading

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