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Popular toys of the last 145 years

Recognizing that a trip to the hospital is never a fun thing, Sheffield Children's Hospital decided to make things a little better by commissioning photographer Andy Brown to decorate the emergency room. And now, some more OAFEry:Rustin's Spoils of the … Continue reading

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Toy Soldiers launch trailer

There's no way you've forgotten this game already. But now it's out! By the Robot Chicken animators! And now, some more OAFEry:Well damn, never buy from grepdogg, I guess Save the Venture Brothers! GI Joe Classified Series: Snake-Eyes (02) review … Continue reading

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Flippin' through Previews - June '15

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover. Scheduled to start shipping in August. And now, some more OAFEry:Predator 2: Ultimate Guardian Predator addendum MotU Classics: Heads … Continue reading

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Xevoz Series 5: Ursa Khan

Oh man oh man oh man! Readers, I need you to give me money!!! For years the only information about one of the unreleased Xevoz figures was this piece of art from that big group shot: Yes, that's all the … Continue reading

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More toys shilling for Honda

The ads we showed you last month have been all over TV for a week or two now, but yesterday, Skeletor took over Honda's Twitter account: Twittersphere: It is I, Skeletor! Now that I have control of Honda’s account, no … Continue reading

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What if Barbie looked like a real woman?

Are you feeling fat from all that Thanksgiving food? Or just because you're comparing yourself to the wrong models? Artist Nickolay Lamm used the magic of 3D printing to create a version of the famous doll that matches the proportions … Continue reading

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You say you want a He-Man Christmas sweater?

Well okay then: SERIOUSLY, BEHOLD THE ADORABLENESS that's happening tonight @midnight w/ @peteholmes,@RonFunches & @SteveRannazzisi! pic.twitter.com/rFmM9vCjhH — @midnight (@midnight) November 20, 2014 And now, some more OAFEry:Eternia Minis: Buzz-Off exclusive review Flippin' through Previews - December '14 Tri-Klops addendum: The … Continue reading

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Children of the '90s Try to Explain '80s Cartoons

This was a Buzzfeed article. But since Buzzfeed just lifts its content from other sites, it's time for other sites to lift content right back. So you don't need this link to read the entire thing. Just click on the … Continue reading

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Check out these delightful customs! And now, some more OAFEry:Rustin's Spoils of the Week #98 The gift everybody wants Soon Forget: MotU Minis Series 2 Flippin' through Previews - March '13 Flippin' through Previews - December '12

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Illusion is the ultimate weapon

You know those Trollquotes that mix an image, a quote, and an attribution from three different (yet tangentially related) sources in an effort calculated to drive nerds mad? Someone made a toy version: And now, some more OAFEry:SDCC 2012 Panels … Continue reading

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