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by yo go re

Trick or treat!

Though not actually a Toa, Maru does take their form on occassion. The trickster spirit of Mata Nui, Maru is not actually malicious, but his schemes and pranks drive the heroic Toa to distraction whenever he turns his attention their way.

After I made my other Bionicle custom, I decided to see what I could make with the leftover parts - Onua's body and Tahu's limbs. I've always thought orange and black looked quite smart together, as well, so this was just going to be a bit of fun. However, once I saw how keen the figure looked, I decided to keep going. And, you know, to make up a story to go with him.

With the intention of making a sort of Halloween-specific custom, my original idea was to paint his entire mask orange, then go back and give it jack o'lanternish details. I decided, however, that painting just the "surface" of the mask and leaving the sunken areas black worked quite well. To help it seem as though this mishmash of arms and legs actually belonged together, I painted a few orange details on the black bits, and a few black details on the orange bits. I also scavenged parts from Whenua to further set him apart from the standard Onua. One quick coat of sealant later, and my robotic pumpkin king was finished. I'm also working on creating a set of orange and black masks for him.



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