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Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy

DC Comics
by Artemis

Just a retouch with paint - I didn't like the original look, with everything but the buds and "underwear" left unpainted (which is accurate to the game [though it looks a lot better in CG than as an action figure under regular lights] but I haven't played the game so I don't care; also the silliness of Ivy's "leaf bikinis" in various depictions of her always irks me, I wish they'd just grow up and draw her nude), so I made the vines a lot bolder, and repainted the knickers so that they look more just an extension of the vines than a separate solid piece.

I had planned to finish the vines with a thin near-fleshtone (green flesh, that is) coat, and leave the darker green at the edges to make them stand out, but once I had the dark base coat on I liked how that looked on its own. Lips, eyebrows and nails repainted green too, just because.

She's also got a slight flush of more vivid green extending out, up the stomach and down the thighs, from her modesty leaf. Pet theory about her biology, don't ask. (I also gave her a little of the same shading in her cleavage and the sides of her torso, but that was just to define her curves a bit more.)

I'm not planning on reviewing the figure - Cliff Notes version, I don't like the paint (obviously), the face is too triangular, the hair design is bizarre (the images I've seen from the game don't look like they do that, at least not anywhere near to that extent), and since she's got no knees or ankles they'd have been better just omitting the hips as well and giving her an unbroken sculpt.


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