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DC Comics
by yo go re

Actions speak louder than words, and she's shouting from the rooftops.

Raised by one of the world's foremost assassins, Cassandra Cain was taught to understand movement as a language. She has recently learned to speak, however, which muted her previous skills. Now she's starting over as a hero, learning how to deal with her new limitations.

In a real stretch of the imagination, this Batgirl was also made from a Batman and Robin Batgirl figure; I planned to make her from one of the Spider-Girl figures, but the scale was just off. So, while the easiest thing to do would have been just paint the whole figure black, I created a few other modifications as well. I sculpted over the exposed bits of face to make her cowl appear smoother, cut the high heels (shudder) from her feet, and even sculpted a new flater foot to help her stand. For the belt, I sectioned this odd harness thing that came with one of the old Reed Richards figures and glued the pieces into place before painting.

Batgirl is 5" tall and has the big five in articulation.

Batgirl II

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