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Blood Bane

DC Comics
by Lars

Base figure: ML6 Juggernaut

First, I removed the Juggernaut helmet and its casing and, using a Dremmel, sanded down the head and removed the hair details. Next, I dug through my accessories box and found two claws, a flexible rubber tube, a belt and a control box for the top of his right hand. I then used resin to fill in the hair and smooth out the top of the head. I covered the face with resin making sure to leave the teeth untouched so they show through the mask (make it look torn at the mouth for extra effect). The line on the mask is masking tape painted silver. Once the resin is dry, use some sandpaper to remove any rough spots, glue on the necessary accessories and get ready to paint.

Next, I started painting the figure using Model Master Gloss black, Tamiya flat Flesh and Tamiya Flat Aluminum. The paint scheme and overall look are based on the animated Bane design. Make sure to paint the eyes red too. Once the figure is painted, the blood splatters are done by dipping a splatter brush (or tooth brush) in Tamiya Flat Red and going to town (make sure you lay down a drop cloth). The jewel on the belt buckle is a simple glass half-dome from a local bead shop (about 20 a piece).

Blood Bane

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