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Etrigan the Demon

DC Comics
by yo go re

Rhyme, no reason.

Gone, gone, form of man
Rise the Demon Etrigan!

The man called Jason Blood was once a normal mortal human, but that was before he was mystically bonded with the foul demon known as Etrigan. Upon saying or hearing the rhyme above, Blood is transformed into Etrigan, who posseses powers beyond that of the natural world. By saying a similar chant Etrigan will once more be contained in the form of Jason Blood.

Etrigan, The Demon, has been around in the DCU for quite a while. Originally conceived of by Jack Kirby, the Demon has at one time or another run into just about everyone in the DCU. He was a major player in "Day of Judgement," DC's most recent crossover, and has even been on an episode of Batman: The Animated Series. Oh, and he always talks in rhyme for some silly reason.

This little homemade hero was crafted from pieces of other things in my toolbox. His cape is from some B&R Robin figure, his "ears" are two halves of a speartip, and his horns were just little pieces of plastic. He's all hunched over, so he's only about three inches tall, but his arms, legs, and tail move, and he opens his mouth when you fiddle with the little grey thing on the back of his neck.


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