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Alan Scott

DC Comics
by Lars

Another old man who can't get wood.

Say "Green Lantern" to most comic fans, and they'll think of Hal Jordan. But press them further, and they'll admit that he wasn't the first. That was engineer Alan Scott, who found a lantern made from a mysterious green metal and, making himself a ring from the metal, found it created a strange energy that could affect anything except wood.

The original GL is still active in the DC Universe today, despite his advancing age. He goes by the name "Sentinel" these days, deferring to the younger Green Lanterns as the true owners of the name. DC Direct released a Golden Age GL figure in November of 2000, but even that was based on his younger days - we still don't have a modern Alan Scott. This custom was originally the Kingdom Come Superman, smoothed out a bit and given ML Magneto's cape.

If you think the colors are bad, blame the comic - that's what he wore. In his first appearance, he explained his horrible fashion sense: "I must make myself a dreaded figure! I must have a costume that is so bizarre that once I am seen I will never be forgotten!" Mission accomplished, Alan!

Alan Scott

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