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Plastic Man

DC Comics
by yo go re

Him? A superhero? That's a bit of a stretch.

Small time crook Eel O'Brien was wounded when trying to rob a chemical plant with his gang. Ditched by his buddies and doused in chemicals, the injured O'Brien made his way to a monastery in the mountains outside the city. The kindly monks nursed him back to health and Eel realized what a heel he had been. Upon his recovery Eel found that the chemical bath he took turned his skin to rubber, and he used these powers and his newfound conscience to arrest his gang and start working for the law.

While there have been a few Plastic Man figures over the years (one in the late-80s Super Powers series, and another in the Total Justice-inspired JLA line), none of them were really up to snuff. So using the body from the Generation X Skin, Nightcrawler's head, and a drill from out of my toolbox, I threw together a figure of my own.

Plas is 5" tall, has four points of articulation, and a winning smile.

Plastic Man

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