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DC Comics
by yo go re

Purple Reign.

The son of gangsters slain by the police force, Prometheus used his parents' money and connections to swear vengeance on the forces of law and order. With his computer-boosted fighting skills and reflexes, and the ability to exploit his opponent's weaknesses, Prometheus is nearly a match for the JLA on his own.

Prometheus' introduction to the DCU at large (he first appeared in a one-shot in which he simply recanted his origin) was the first time in Grant Morrison's JLA that Batman was shown as even slightly fallible. He dispatched the team with such ease and precision that he became instantly one of the more intriguing villains introduced in recent years. His rampage was cut short only by the intervention of someone not included in his databse of the world's heroes, but Prometheus escaped to plan his next attack. Since there really is a lack of villains capable of facing the JLA, Prometheus seemed like a good candidate for customization.

This Prometheus was made from a Batman and Robin figure with generous ammounts of artist's clay (another figure I made at school) for the armor. A coffee stirrer was cut down to serve as Promy's headgear, and a straw for his weapon. I was so hard-up for proper materials at the time that I made his cape from masking tape. The transluscent part of his helmet was made from an extra GIJoe faceplate.

The figure stands 5" tall, and has the big five in articulation.


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