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DC Comics
by Lars

This pesky little minx is a fan-favorite Superman villain and makes a sexy custom action figure.

Once upon a time, Livewire was a radio talk show host named Leslie Willis, until a freak electrical accident transformed her into the evil villain Livewire. As a superhuman being of pure electricity, Livewire is able to travel through just about any conductive material (whether it be household wiring or metal beams). She can also fire lightning blasts of electricity from her hands and eyes. An extremely powerful adversary, Livewire can create charges deadly enough to threaten the life of the Man of Steel himself. Now there's a shocker.

Livewire used to be two different figures: Justice League Hawkgirl body, B:tAS Harley Quinn head and Microman hands.

Start by Dremelling off the boot edges and cutting off Hawkgirl’s head, wings and hands. Harley’s head will need to to be severed, those jester balls taken off and the surface details Dremeled/sanded off. Next, glue the HQ head to the HG body, resin over the rough spots and start sculpting the hair. You can do this in stages by building up the spikes slowly as you work- don't feel like you have to get it done the first time.

The hinged, rubber hands are from the new Takara Microman line and they include six different pairs in each package. If you do 5" scale figures, it's worth picking up.

Once the resin is complete and everything is smooth, the paint job is relatively easy. I used black for the costume, white for the skin and sky blue for the hair. Once painted, I sealed her with a few coats of Dullcote.


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