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Wonder Woman

DC Comics
by yo go re

First one to make a crack about th 'wonder bra' gets a magic bracelet upside the head.

Sent from the island of Thymescria as an Ambassador of Peace to Man's World, Princess Diana is known as Wonder Woman to the world at large. She uses her strength, beauty and wisdom to strive for understanding between all.

Using Total Justice figures, I had managed to almost completely assemble the Justice League of America, but the line-up was still missing proper female representation. Using a Batman and Robin Poison Ivy for a base, I sculpted on Diana's armor and tiara, and used a hairtie for her magic lasso.

This was one of the first figures I attempted to boil and pop, because I wanted to make sure her hair was completely painted. She's five inches tall and moves at the hips and shoulders.

Wonder Woman

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