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Hulk Hogan

by yo go re

You know how I made this figure? Training, prayers, and vitamins!

A symbol of the 80s, Hulk Hogan was the first widely accepted professional wrestler, starring in cartoons, movies, and even music videos.

Yes, I am a child of Generation X, and have the blurry memories to prove it. I remember Saturday afternoons watching the WWF, before it became a T&A crapfest. At the time, Hulk Hogan was one of the biggest stars imaginable, but no one would buy me one of his toys. So it was somewhat inevitable that when I got Hollywood Hogan in a two-pack (I bought it for the other guy's coat), I decided to make my own figure. The most difficult part was blending the proper "tanned" skintone. Once that was done, it was just a question of putting on enough coats of yellow paint to cover all the black garb the figure was wearing. Eventually, I'd like to paint the "Hulkamania" logo on his chest.

So whatcha gonna do when 6 1/2" and 13 points of articulation, run wild on you?!

the Hulkster

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