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Black Knight

The Avengers
by Lars

Dane Whitman is the nephew of an old Avengers foe known as the Black Knight. When his uncle was dying, Whitman took up the mantle and the Ebony Sword of the Black Knight, eventually becoming one of the longest-standing members of the Avengers and a true hero.

This guy used to be a ML Captain America with DC Direct Starboy's cape and a Dr. Fate helmet.

First, I built the vest area up and filled in the cleavage between Cap's pecs with resin and sculpted it using some small carving tools. I then clipped off the head-wings and took some of the back of Cap's skull off with a Dremel so the helmet would fit. Next, I painted the figure silver and blue with red trim and the cape a light blue. The emblem is hand-painted as well.

The helmet was done by gluing on DCD Dr. Fate's "golden age" half-helmet, building up the sides and extending the fin with resin. The cool thing about this helmet is you can see the eyes of the figure through the eye slots. Next, I sanded and painted the helmet its proper colors. The belt is a spare so it was painted yellow and glued it to his abdomen.

The sword is a metal replica that I built up with resin and painted a gloss black. The sheath is glued to the side of the figure along with the cape. Once the painting was complete, I sealed the figure with Dullcote.

Black Knight


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