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by yo go re

Nothing stops the Juggernaut. Nobody beats the Wiz. Nobody doesn't like Sarah Lee.

Cain Marko was jealous of his younger step-brother, Charles Xavier. Stumbling upon the temple of Cyttorak, he picked up what he thought would be a highly valuable ruby, and unwittingly gained the powers of the unstoppable Juggernaut.

Juggernaut has long been one of my favorite villains, and I've always been disappointed in the figures ToyBiz released of him, so I eventually broke down and made my own. All the Juggernaut figures that Toy Biz have ever released have been ridiculously undersized; Juggy here is supposed to tower over his foes, but in action figure form he comes across as more of a lightweight. Come on, Toy Biz; get it in gear.

This used to be a Smart Hulk from the "Transformations" line, with plenty of clay added. The armor was all made from Das Pronto and the helmet from Crayola Model Magic (my first effort with both products). I blended both shades of red used to color Juggy, and even put a dot of light in the center of his eyes.

Juggernaut stands about 5 3/4 inches tall (all hunched over as he is), with eight points of articulation. As you can see below, the helmet is removable, which is pretty cool for a homemade figure.


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