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Aurra Sing

Star Wars
by yo go re

She's the Boba Fett of fifty years ago.

Aurra Sing was a Jedi hopeful that trained under the Jedi Master known simply as "The Dark Woman." During the height of her training, Aurra left the guidance of The Dark Woman and began a career as a bounty hunter who specialized in the hunting and killing of Jedi. She keeps the lightsaber of the jedi she kills as a trophy of her accomplishment.

You know, I suppose I should feel honored. I made this figure shortly after Episode I hit theatres, and posted pictures of it around. Suddenly there were any number of custom Aurra Sing figures for sale on eBay, all based to one degree or another on the figure I built. Yay me. Anyway, her torso is from Slave Leia, and the legs and vest are from Han Solo. Her ponytail is made from embroidery thread, and the guns come from various figures.

Aurra is a 3 3/4 figure with eight points of articulation and tons of rip-offs floating around. Isn't being the original worth anything?

Aurra Sing

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