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Nemesis Prime

Transformers: Robot Heroes
by yo go re

Once you go black, you try to dominate all sentient life.

The dark servant of a mysterious evil force, Nemesis Prime is Optimus Prime's ideological antithesis. His origins are unknown, but there are many rumors. Is he the Prime from another dimension, tortured to insanity and bent to his new master's will? Is he a clone, made by accident when the wrong vehicle was scanned? Is he just a halucination? No one knows for sure... but he's unquestionably dangerous!

Having ended up with two Optimus Prime "Robot Heroes" figures, I needed to figure out what to do with the extra. After putting it to a vote on our message board, the evil Nemesis Prime beat out the other contenders. Getting the figure apart was easy enough - not even requiring boiling before the pieces would pop apart - and I used Scourge as the color model. The blues really pop, and suit the figure better than plain blacks and greys.

Nemesis Prime

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