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October '21 archive

31 October, 2021
New review stoned: Goliath
29 October, 2021
Funko Friday snared: The Keeper
27 October, 2021
WWEdnesday buried: Darby Allin
26 October, 2021
Transformers Tuesday chopped: Rusty Von Cleave
25 October, 2021
Marvel Monday split: Green Goblin
23 October, 2021
New exclusive review booted: Gunslinger Spawn
21 October, 2021
New review experimented: The Sniper
19 October, 2021
Transformers Tuesday infested: Holey Moldy
18 October, 2021
Marvel Monday inherited: Morlun
17 October, 2021
New exclusive starved: Darth Nihilus
15 October, 2021
Fortnite Friday skinned: Blackheart
13 October, 2021
New review cursed: Captain Jack Sparrow
12 October, 2021
Transformers Tuesday doused: Poo Sham
11 October, 2021
Marvel Monday engulfed: Surtur
9 October, 2021
New review summoned: The Demon
7 October, 2021
New review experimented: The Medic
5 October, 2021
Transformers Tuesday burned: Doctor Flicker
4 October, 2021
Marvel Monday ghosted: Vision
3 October, 2021
New exclusive review hunted: Jango Fett
1 October, 2021
New review fed: Gremlins Countdown Calendar

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