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The Insane One

Representing toy collecting in the southern hemisphere, Shocka has un unhealthy amount of brain damage, as evidenced by his obsession with his height and Jerry Bruckheimer. While previously writing guest columns for other, inferior sites, he belongs to OAFEnet now. In that it was his idea. The youngest of the group, he's also the most insecure. Yes ladies, he's single!

1. What got you into reviewing? What figure was so cool that you just had to tell everyone about it?
The Sleepy Hollow Boxed Set. That thing kicked ass.

2. What's your favorite review?
My first review ever: Raven Spawn. Love that ass shot!

3. Best late night talk show host?
Shaun Micallef. None of that U.S.     . M     f     ers eating my             to the      , s         f               with strawberries on top.

4. Who's your favorite hero/villain?
Adolf Hitler. The comedian, not the dictator.

5. Best thing about toys right now?
The direction we're headed in is great, with the mainstream toy lines. Seems to be, instead of a compromise between articulation or sculpt, a combination of both; the popular companies are raging to beat each other in the competition, with better toys coming out all the time.

6. Worst thing about toys right now?
Lack of things worthwhile, and the cost.

7. What's your guilty pleasure?

8. Sculpt, paint or articulation?
40% sculpt, 40% articulation, 20% paint. Surprisingly enough, the last is actually on the "Product Contains" nutrition guide for Pepsi Blue.

9. Mexican, Italian or Chinese?
Shut up! I didn't know she was 13.

10. What's the first toy you remember getting?
It was this sweet Inpector Gadget car thing. Man, that thing was awesome. Too bad I was 2 at the time and I was more interested in suffocating myself in the plastic bag it came in. I had some good times as a baby. Especially being dropped on my head all the time.

11. Favorite toy of all time?
It could well be Pumpkinhead, but I love lots of others as well.

12. Favorite band?
Nine Inch Nails.

13. We all buy a lot of toys; what do you actually collect?
What kind of stupid question is this? I collect body parts, and also pints of the blood of sweet young virgins.

14. Your most wanted toy line?
Silent Hill!

15. Who makes the best toys?

16. What's your favorite candy?
I like Mini M&Ms. Those things are awesome! Whether you're having them on ice cream, drinking them out of a bottle, or licking them off a partner's tummy, those things keep you going.

17. What toy that you never got as a kid have you sought out now that you're an adult?
The original Kenner Alien Queen. It cost me far too much on eBay, but it was worth it.

18. What obscure, unmarketable property would you love to have as figures?
Sheep. Or, going the path of the McFarlane/Barker collaborations, Accident Victims.

19. What are you into besides toys?
Mostly sex and perversion, a little bit of the old ultra violence on the side. Psychology, Film, Sexology (all of which I major in at Uni), Soft Toys, Video Games, Writing, Journalism, Massage, Spirituality, Reading, Music, Counselling, among other things.

20. What's your secret stash for finding toys?
Old style orphanages; not only can you steal their toys, but you can also beat them for shits and giggles!

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