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Cull Obsidian

Avengers: Infinity War
by Shocka

Big booty boy gets big booty time!!

Among the Children of Thanos, there is one who towers above the rest. Cull, the physically strongest servant of The Mad Titan, decimates enemies using his incredible strength and massive hammer. A brutal and brutish follower of Thanos, this massively strong warrior will do what is needed to accomplish his master's goals.

The Build-a-Figure for the "Ant-finity War-sp" Marvel Legends wave series is this big boy, one of the main antagonists of Infinity War who would be seen again thanks to the time travelling antics of successful follow-up Endgame. It's a great pick for a Build-a-Figure, potentially allowing Marvel Legends collectors to get all of the Children of Thanos as seen in the MCU, though due to, I assume, design changes across production, the figure here sports a slightly different, more comic-related look - and different weapon - versus the onscreen character. Despite this, it's still a great-looking toy, so let's have a closer look.

Standing 8⅞" tall, Cull Obsidian is in great scale with the shorter-humanoid Marvel Legends characters, and an appropriate size for a modern Build-a-Figure. The texture over his skin is detailed and gross, nicely scaly and a good contrast to his strong, solid armor. It's a geat sculpt, and the nice clear armor parts are just as detailed as the body. His head sports a mean, grimaced scowl, with nice detail to separate the face.

None of this would impress if not for solid paint, and Cull mostly delivers; his skin and armor is nicely detailed, with little overspray, but there's a lack of precision on much of the shading that would have helped him stand out. Fine detail on the face impresses, but splodgy darker paint on his chest, shoulders and limbs doesn't work the way it should. From a distance, it's great, but up close leaves a little to be desired. Still, the overall effect is nice, and with good lighting he still looks great alongside your other Children of Thanos toys.

When it comes to accessories, well, he is an accessory, but he still has his nice big hammer-weapon to wield. This is different to both the onscreen and comic weapons the big guy has (which were some sort of axe/claw thing that was sometimes on a chain to be pulled back?), but as a big fan of hammers I'm even happier with this than I would have been with something authentic: it's big, tough and scary-looking, guaranteed to exude some menace and he looks sensational with it. It also matches his armor; and speaking of which, that shoulder piece comes off!! Extra accessory for big boy!!

Big booty boy also has big booty articulation!! It's pleasing to think that we've had so many of these great Build-a-Figures that one would know the kind of articulation to expect, including all the solid balljoints at the shoulders, legs etc., and Cull Obsidian is fully articulated to wield his weapon and bash around. He loves it!!

In the comics, Cull Obsidian is better known as Black Dwarf, but you know that was going to have to be changed before it appeared on film. In fact, "The Cull Obsidian" is just their team name, with "The Black Order" being what they call themselves. So you've got "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" fighting "The Cull Obsdian: The Black Order," with Black Dwarf as a member. Their Hulk, basically. And he's Corvus Glaive's literal brother, which also makes him the brother-in-law of Proxima Midnight and the, uh, a coworker of Ebony Maw? Is your head starting to hurt?

His comic antics are not too dissimilar to that of the MCU equivalent, wherein he attempts to raze Wakanda only to be driven back and expelled from the Black Order by Thanos for his failings. Later, he was given another chance by Thanos only to be killed by Ronan the Accuser in a fight with the Avengers. So, not really much of a winner, this guy, on screen or on the page. Still, he makes for a fantastic toy, and here, that's all that matters!

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-- 07/23/19

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