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Princess Daphne

Dragon's Lair
by Shocka

Poe's already looked at Dirk and Mordoc from this line, so I'm filling in the blanks with the hot little Princess Daphne, fresh off the discount shelves into my collection.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude! For those not in the know, Daphne was the delectable princess held kidnap in Dragon's Lair, hidden beyond a big evil dragon and his lair of traps and monsters. As a gamer back in the '80s, it was up to you, as the brave Dirk the Daring, to fight past Singe and other demonies to rescue her. Now available on DVD and also remade into a fully fledged 3D game, as well as having a brand new comicbook from CrossGen, Dragon's Lair is a pop culture icon, and these are some spiffy little figures to reminisce with for young and old.

Princess Daphne stands a little under 6" tall, nice and curvy as we expect from our buxom princesses. Complete with a base - an amount of gold and jewels - as well as a jewel for herself, and a scary little fire dragon, Daphne is a nice little set - she's the figure all of your other toys will be fighting over. See the next paragraph!

...and one of us smells like fish. Princess Daphne is sculpted well enough to give any sexless geek collector a boner. Wearing a strange swimsuit-style outfit that not even the ancients could have designed, her ridiculously unproportioned body is accentuated in the skimpy clothing; her itty bitty waist doesn't compare to her big thighs and cute butt, though her breasts aren't completely unrealistic compared to the insane McWomen. The body sculpt is unrealistic but sexy, much like the game character, and her head sculpt is top notch. Her long, flowing blond hair is great, very cartoonish, and it complements her face, which has a sort of sexy 'dumb-blond' look. Maybe I've been spending too much time indoors, but this is a pretty sexy sculpt.

The paint is where this figure is flawed; like Dirk from the line, the skin tone is fine but not applied well, and the purple paint of the swimsuit is poorly applied too. Her head redeems this partially - her face is beautifully detailed and I really like the strangely glossed blonde hair, which highlights the dark colors of the rest of the figure. But still, her body could do with better paint aps to suit the sexy sculpt.

my tongue is as long as my snout The accessories are nicely painted and detailed; I like the treasure base, although it's a shame she can't stand without it; I guess that's one of the difficulties of sculpting a Barbie-like figure with high heels. Her jewel accessory seems a lot cheaper than the treasure, but it's ignorable in light of the awesome little fire dragon, cartoonishly detailed and sculpted, he rocks - the little fire-breathing begger is even articulated! He moves at the neck, legs and shoulders, as well as having moveable/detachable wings and a soft rubber tail. He seemingly has more articulation than Daphne, who only moves at the neck, shoulders, thighs and waist, although she's not exactly posable - she's more just to look at. Tee hee!!

Overall, Daphne is a fine looking figure, setting Feminism back 50 years or so. She's a gorgeous little figure, hindered only be a little bit of paint issues but it's irrelevant because she's so darn cute. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get some sun

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