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Michael Myers

Movie Maniacs
by Shocka

As you've probably figured out by now, the Movie Maniacs collection and this particular figure, Michael Myers, from the Halloween series of horror films, hold a special place in my heart. Why? Because these awesome little pieces of movie memorabilia got me into action figure collecting in the first place, and this was the first action figure I ever bought from McFarlane Toys.

Michael Myers is a stunning lad from the Halloween films, who, on one fateful Hallows' Eve took to his big sister with a big nasty kitchen knife, ended up in an institution, and later went after his other sisters then others in the following sequels. The only Halloween films I like are the original, #4 (The Return of Michael Myers) and the recent H20, but the figure is definitely worth buying if you like any Halloween films.

The sculpt is dead-on. Michael Myers is caught in plastic beautifully, in his blue overalls, work boots and scary white mask hosting his dead, evil eyes. His paint job is very nice, highlighting his shadows and the blotches on his overalls. I've seen some customized "bloody" versions of Michael (similar to the way the MM1 had blood-splattered variants available on the specialty store market), and he looks better without the blood.

The figure's eyes are one of the sculpt's highlights: they are sunken in, making it look like the figure is really wearing a mask, rather than that the mask has eyes. The spray-painted William Shatner face might look a little strange, but you can paint the eyes black to give Myers his demonic, no-eyed look from the film (as seen in the customized top photo).

He comes with an enormous kitchen knife from the film, which he sports in his right hand as he stalks Laurie Strode and then attacks several members of his family.

He's articulated in nine places, which might not sound great, but the articulation is created well; his left arm is straight, and can be posed in his normal walking position or stretched out, and his other arm is bent holding the knife, and can do a "stabbing" motion with ease. Very cool, and playable! Watch as Michael stabs Barbie repeatedly for being his great aunt's sister's roommate. His legs aren't very movable, but it's irrelevant since he can stand nicely.

I really like the marquee that comes with Michael and all of the other Movie Maniacs. They give them a sense of belonging while on display, and can cite to which movie the Maniac comes from for the casual person you're showing them off to. Michael also comes with a creepy carved pumpkin, reminiscent of that on the movie poster: very nice for display with the poster.

Michael Myers is a must for any horror collector, and definitely worth picking up if you collect the Movie Maniacs line, which you should. He's a great figure, along with most of the rest of the MM line. Myers holds a special place in my heart, and I'm sure that if he was real, he'd probably be holding my other internal organs as well.

-- 10/31/03

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