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Marvel Legends
by Shocka

Since yo already covered the original Thing (and everything else) from the best-selling Marvel Legends line, I was left dry on new toys to review. Lo and behold, I came upon something even yo doesn't have! The strange-but-nifty Trenchcoat Thing is mine!

guess who! Trenchcoat Thing is a variant from the Marvel Legends line, one in a series of several of the figures redone in one way or another to appeal to the fans. Since I missed the original, it was the ideal way to pick up the Thing, despite the bizarre disguise, which I truly doubt is going to fool anyone into believing that this big lug is actually a normal person. Silly! (No one e-mail me to tell me that the disguise isn't meant to protect his identity or whatever, I do not care.)

Standing about 7" tall, Trenchcoat Thing is exactly the same as the original, in all his highly articulated glory. Each of the little rocks in his body is sculpted and detailed nicely, fitting into one whole body of stone (or something) that makes him the Thing. He's suited up with blue undies and a nice pair of breasts, as well; shame, however, that there's no nipples. [Back away slowly - ed.] The trenchcoat that makes the figure new and improved is made out of fabric and actually looks better than expected - it's oversized and ridiculous, but it looks decent on him. With a little fabric belt, you can fit it onto him nicely, along with the rest of his disguise, the cheap glasses and hat.

HAW! It wuz me da whole time! The glasses are huge, but still seem oversized - they don't fit too well onto his face, and look really silly. In a good way, though. The hat, which is made from really cheap plastic, fits onto his head briefly, but it's not staying on: time to get the bluetak! With the whole disguise on, the Thing still moves really well, in all his articulated glory - he moves all over the place, with joints at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, legs, toesies, feet, neck, waist, torso, even his fingers move with the use of awesome bendy plastic.

Look at my package! Like all of the Marvel Legends, Trenchcoat Thing comes with a comic - his is a reproduction of "Fantastic Four" #263. Not a fan of these comics, I can't really comment, though it is nice to see a little into the background of the character you're buying. Collectors will be pleased with the whole spiffy package. That packaging is exactly the same as the normal Marvel Legends Thing packaging, except that the figure inside is different. The label even says "Collector Wall Mountable Display Stand" despite the fact that the base is missing from the figure (Grrrr...) Great for MOC collectors, this shows off the Trenchcoat Thing in it's full, clamshelled glory, although I still stick by my original resentment towards the clamshell as briskly as ever. I would have preferred to have seen the base together with the figure, although I guess it's a sacrifice that has to be made to give our figures big stupid trenchcoats.

Of course, the benefit is that you can do things like this.

I like the Trenchcoat Thing - with his disguise on, he looks ludicrous but still cool. Without it, he's a proper BEAST - either way, this figure is worth your pennies and is much recommended.

Want to tell Shocka that the disguise isn't meant to protect his identity? Tell him on our message board, the Loafing Lounge.


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