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Crazy Harry

by Shocka

The Muppet figures are the best thing since sliced bread. Although the upcoming lines include puppets I've never even heard of before, I'll still probably end up with them on my shelf, just because these are some of the coolest toys to ever grace our shelves. Excellent sculpts, impressive articulation and wonderful, wonderful (award-winning) accessories make them more than just toys - these are things you can actually play with, and have a blast.

Cuh-RAYZEE Harry! And hey, speaking of having a blast, we come to our subject today. Crazy Harry supposedly works as the Muppet's special effects guru, just like Timothy McVeigh was Oklahoma City's landscape artist. Harry's real passion is blowing stuff up. Ah, something we can all sympathize with - why do work when you can just blow up parts of your workplace?

The scariest thing about Crazy Harry isn't that he embodies a part of the pure masculinity all of us Y-chromosomers share, but that his general crazed look shares familiarity with myself. Look at the comparison pics - it's truly terrifying.

Some cuh-RAYZEE idiot!

Suited up in his green army-surplus shirt, brown pants and ridiculous shoes, Crazy Harry is ready to explode in style, with the same perfect paint and detailing that adorns our other favourite Muppets. The most noteable thing about the insane one here is his face, with the most suitable expression ever. Harry is wonderfully insane, with wide eyes and a gleeful smile; even his crazy hair is expressed messily. Kudos, Palisades - I love it!

Cuh-RAYZEE bombs! To accessorize our mad hero we have artillery enough to equip a small army. Included are two sticks of dynamite, a wick bomb (with real rope wick!), a keg of gunpowder, and a working dynamite plunger. The plunger is spring-loaded and fits perfectly into his mad, quivering hands. His hands which won't come clean! Never clean! Must purge! He can also carry the sticks of dynamite, and various other bits and pieces - I found that MM1 Jason's axe fits into his hands beautifully for that "crazy axe murderer" look which has gotten me so many restraining orders.

Sic Semper, Sanity! To add to the wonderfulness, Harry is also nicely articulated to do his explosive deeds. He's got ball-jointed shoulders, pin-jointed elbows, then peg joints at the wrists, legs, feet, midsection and neck. He can move, run, dance, even do push-ups! The articulation isn't as immense as say, a Marvel Legend, but it works perfectly for the figure. He can do all the things you'd want him to do, and then some - Palisades is a company that knows how to articulate.

Crazy Harry is another stud on the Muppet belt, a must for your collection. His accessories alone warrant the purchase - he's the ideal toy to oppose a terror-stricken society; as the stereotype terrorist, he's something of a mockery of how afraid we've become, a raw exaggeration of the things we fear. What's the message we should take from a symbol like this, a sign from happier times? Don't fear. Be happy, go about your life; don't let things get to you. You still have your life to live, and you should use it to buy toys.

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