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Pepe the King Prawn

by Shocka

One of the stranger of the Muppet figures from the award-winning Palisades, Pepe the Prawn King comes direct from the Fifth Series of Muppets toys. I'm not a shrimp, okay?  Prawn.  KING prawn, okay? A small figure of an uncommon character, Pepe was a regular on Muppets Tonight who most will barely remember, yet somehow this figure seems a must-own thanks to the awesome creativity that spawns not just this figure, but the entire line.

A small figure, Pepe stands a little over 4" tall, from his tiny "feet" to the individual "hairs" on his head. (I'm not quite sure if prawns actually have feet or hairs, but it's a moot point) Pepe is exquisitely sculpted to resemble the Muppet, complete with moveable little hairs on his head, a wide-eyed French expression adorning his little face, and a four-arm jacket well fitting his strange body. Everything is excellent here - the jacket even has a realistically sculpted hood, a zipper and string, all painted with extra detail for the little toy.

Accessories, okay?  KING accessories. Like Rizzo, Palisades has loaded Pepe up with accessories to make up for the small size, and each of his great accessories ooze character. First up, Pepe has his own foldout chair, made of real wood and fabric so he can lie down in the sun. It actually folds out like a real chair and he - or any of your figures - can lie back and relax in it with ease. A plastic umbrella fits into the top of his chair, also opening out realistically so he can enjoy the sun without getting sunburnt and thus eaten.

It's good to be the king, okay? Also featured are neat little green thongs (or sandals, as the rest of the world calls them), a hair dryer, a pair of binoculars and a lunchbox. Both the hair dryer and binoculars have pegs in them so that Pepe can hold them with his little hands, and the binoculars even feature a strap so it can hang around his neck. The lunchbox - complete with the Muppets Tonight logo - also opens and can store some of his accessories. Putting all of his accessories together, you have a nice little diorama of Pepe relaxing in the sun. Complete with his other bits and pieces, it's very cool. All that's missing is a nice piņa colada for him to sip on. (Also, he has a round black base, which is unnecessary but worth mentioning all the same - if Pepe doesn't use it, another figure certainly can.)

With his four arms, Pepe is plenty articulated to the same effect as the other Muppets. He has ball-jointed shoulders, pin-jointed elbows, then neck, wrists, midsection and legs. Like a scary, over-articulated mini-Goro, Pepe has all the movement he needs to relax in the sun or yell at Kermit on the set.

Overall, Pepe is indeed the king, and Palisades is the castle. They've never failed to amaze with the awesome Muppets line and this is well worth your money.

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