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Bomb Squad

Emergency Forces
by Shocka

Imagine this: a normal, civilian location. A shopping centre maybe, or a hospital. Quickly becoming abandoned as the authorities get as many people out as possible when you arrive, people still evacuating. You enter through the front entrance, slowly, walking bit by bit, fast as the heavy armor allows, slowly down the passage way into a room. Inside is a single cardboard box - containing the bomb.

Bomb Squad Nerves wrack as you edge towards it; the Long Walk. Soon, you're so close to the bomb that the armor can't save you it'll only hold your body together. Beyond this point, only training and experience can protect you as you open the box and begin what may be the last moments of your life the disarm.

Plan-B Toys is a spectacular, inventive little toy company, taking a simple concept the men and women [women? --ed.] behind our emergency services and making incredible action figures out of them, heroes to stand tall in your collection. Not mythical heroes or movie icons, but real people who risk their lives every day to protect others. It's a fascinating idea with excellent execution their Emergency Forces figures are awesome little figures that allow for general collecting as well as army building (who wouldn't want a squad of SWAT?) complete with realistic accessories as well as plenty of detail and articulation, and today's review, the Bomb Squad, is no exception.

hey, baldy! In 1:12 (6") scale, the Bomb Squad officer is a thin, typical human, showing a combination of age and stress with his balding head and outfitted in a special forces uniform. But when you strap on his thick body armor, he's suddenly the last person who can stop what might be a disaster a member of the Bomb Squad.

always wear protection His armor comes in 5 parts, all of which strap together onto his body to prepare. His arm-suits fit on first, sliding onto his arms and over his shoulders before the main torso suit fits over his body, ingeniuously held together with velcro and fitting over the pants-armor together below. His helmet slides on, hiding his face and communicator before he heads into danger zone. It's very authentic and well detailed, achieving perfection in sculpt and paint, although the helmet isn't quite snug unless adjusted with the top of the torso armor, but it's not a big issue.

da bomb! The Bomb Squad officer has 16 points of articulation, including a removable/interchangable head (a signature for Plan-B toys) and balljointed shoulders, allowing lots of movement, even with the armor on. Keeping with the authenticity, he also comes with the suspicious cardboard box, and an awesome x-ray of the box, which is tiny but very, very cool.

I'm really fond of this figure, and what Plan-B has done with this line the realism is exceptional and unlike any toy I've ever owned before. Incredible figures and truly original, I think this is a must-own line, and the Bomb Squad officer is one of my most recommended toys of the year.

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