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Giant Mouser

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
by Shocka

Love it or hate it, the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series seems to have become quite popular, and the insanity of franchising has kicked in again. Bed spreads, lunchboxes, party favors, you name it, it's got the Turtles slapped across it. This is good news for us collectors, as Playmates has come back with lines and lines of TMNT toys to revel in and enjoy.

Giant Mouser The Giant Mouser is one of several figures based on the new TMNT video game and it grabbed me instantly. I always loved the crazy easily destructable Mousers from the original TMNT series, and while I'm killing to get one of the original wind-up Mouser toys, I'd quite like an army of little Mousers from the new series. Apparently Playmates is releasing a six-pack of the little buggers later this year, perfect for army building, and this is the perfect leader.

Created by the nefarious Dr. Baxter Stockman, the Giant Mouser is a larger, nastier, far more destructive version of the regular Mouser robot. With its multiple Mouser heads, shell-snapping jaws, and way heavy metal armor, this Ultimate Mouser's got one thing on its very simple mind: destroy the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Or Splinter! Or April! Or anything else that gets in its way!

I dunno, that sounds like it has more than one thing on its mind, which doesn't sound so simple after all. I think that perhaps the Giant Mouser is a misunderstood beast, who just needs to be loved. After all, it can't be easy to be so big with two heads for hands, always arguing, and shooting missiles poor guy.

open up your brain box Although the package describes him standing about 8 foot, the Giant Mouser is just under 6" tall - not quite in scale with other figures in the line, but cool none-the-less. The sculpt isn't bad; fitting the source material with the two big Mouser heads, both with snapping jaw action (open the jaw and it'll snap shut as if eating someone), a weird mechanical "brain" inside a box that opens with a hinge, and its dual missile launchers. The paint is simple but effective, a running theme in the TMNT line, and it's hard to fault anything, until we get to the articulation.

The Giant Mouser has 8 points of articulation, most of which are increasingly stupid. It's only got one joint in both its legs and necks, which means it isn't very posable as far as walking or biting goes, which kind of sucks. The opening brain-box is more articulated than anything else, which makes no sense at all. But even worse than that is that the dual-mounted missiles don't even fire - any toy worth it's salt with missiles actually fires them with springs. Not so with the Giant Mouser, the rebel - you actually have to flick them out yourself. Intense stupidity abound.

What can I say about the Giant Mouser? He's EATING!!!

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