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X-Men: the Movie
by Shocka

This figure has one feature I can't quite recall from the film. When you press the button on his back, his eyes supposedly light up red, like the laser mutation Cyclops had from the film. However, the thin plastic surrounding the led in his skull means than not only do his eyes light up, so does his head.

Scott Summers, Professor X's first student and the X-Men's field leader, possesses the uncanny mutant ability to fire beams of devastating energy from his eyes. He must wear a special visor made of ruby quartz to control these powerful optic blasts or he would destroy everyone and everything around him with just a glance. The disciplined, serious minded student code-named Cyclops is often at odds with Logan because of his maverick attitude and their mutual attraction to Jean Grey.

Cyclops, the X-Man from the X-Men: the Movie movie line, closely resembles James Marsden and is armed up with some nice articulation: neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, torso, legs, feet and knees. His X-uniform nicely sculpted, has good paint (blue lines on the piping, to make him look more comicbooky) and has some nice accessories. Yet it's hard to go past the fact that his head lights up.

I'd imagine it would make a great party trick ("hey guys, check this out!"), or even better, it would be useful if he ever got stuck in a blackout. Someone could press his back and walk with him, lighting up most of the world. Be a beacon for hopeless people everywhere, bringing warm, rosy light to scare away their demons!

The accessories include two headpieces straight from the film; his visor, and his sunglasses. The sunglasses are very weak and will fall apart easy, but the visor is very nice. Also included is a "figure" (term used loosely) of Jean Grey, trapped in the green goo spat by Toad in the film.

This is quite ridiculous. Unless Toad's body was 98% goo, he wouldn't be able to spit up nearly this much, and in the film it just covered Grey's face. Here it's a two-piece shell that covers her entire body and has a removable face-plug. I must stress that Jean Grey is not an extra figure, just an accessory, made out of flimsy rubber plastic and with no points of articulation. Also, like all the females in the X-Men movie line, Jean Grey has ECA (Excessive Cleavage Action). It's all right for this to be featured on a McFarlane figure (hell, lets face it, most of the collectors out there are mindnumbing pervs anyway), but if you want to teach your kids the facts of life, it'd be better to get them Where Did I Come From? over a line of action figures. Later versions of the figure include less cleavage, thanks to an additional hasty paint app. But by the way she's packed, you won't be able to tell which one she is until you open her.

And, of course, although it's not an accessory, it's important that you note that Cyclop's head lights up.

He could well be the most unintentionally kewl action figure ever. I suggest that from now on, every action figure ever contains an action feature where their head lights up. This would definately make the world a better place. Recommended for all.

~ this message brought to you by the Colonel ~

-- 09/23/01

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