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Dune Stinger

by Shocka

I own many multiples in my toy collection, specifically army-builder figures ranging from different McToy/NECA Aliens, though to different NECA Death Eaters from Harry Potter, all the way to the MOTUC Palace Guards and Snake Men. But there's no figure I have more of than the Dune Stinger. Why? Because it was marked down by 90% towards the end of the Xevoz, and because I want to recreate Starship Troopers on the kitchen table.

Bringing new meaning to the phrase "silent but deadly", these ultimate stealth troops pack a paralyzing sting of super noxious, pollution-based toxins. Known to lurk under the sands around Hive colonies, stalking intruders, spies, clueless tourists, and other undesireable guests.

Dune Stinger is the follow up to the terrific Bone Cutter from the terrific two pack in the first series of Xevoz. A follow up, you say? What do I mean by that? Like Bone Cutter, a huge insectiod grasshopper nightmare, Dune Stinger also takes different elements from other bugs and pulls them all into one awesome customisable bug nightmare.

So Dune Stinger merges all different kinds of bugs - not insects, specifically bugs - like scorpions, and, uh, other ones, into one awesome action figure. Like Bone Cutter, he's quite tall - well over 5" standing high on his legs - but not quite as tall as the epic grasshopper, and that makes sense, as bugs aren't usually as tall as grasshoppers, or something. I don't know, I'm just making this up on the fly.

Dune Stinger's color palette is brown, red and cream, so he stands tall on creamy-brown legs with extra spiny parts leading up to his dark brown body, and his midsection extends to the front with a balljoint that allows him to stand tall, like some kind of centaur-bug on four legs (yes, he only has four legs, but six hip joints; get creative).

His cream-colored heads all share bright red eyes, which look awesomely threatening, and also color several of the segments on his limbs and tail.

Yes, Dune Stinger's name comes from his awesome segmented scorpion tail, comprising separate brown pieces which clip together with balljoints leading to a bright red end piece with a dark stinger. It looks awesome and features all of the articulation one wants. Likewise his grasping pedipalps (his scorpion pincers), which feature bright red "wrist" sections and articulated cream appendages which can open and close threateningly. It is AWESOME.

If one is compelled, though, Dune Stinger has the lion's share of decals and interchangeable pieces to customise him instead, including different and unique heads, a centipede-like tail end (which, like Bone Cutter's weapons, can also work as a solo-bug sidekick or something), and a sombrero.

Yes, you read that right: a sombrero.

Is it possible I bought this toy solely so I could give many of my toys sombreros?


So Dune Stinger is another excellent entry into the Xevoz canon, continuing with the trend of monster insects in a line full of great and creative designs. He's very playable and can mix with any of your other toys - I quite fancy putting the latest NECA Hicks up against him, or the Starcraft Tychus. And he features a sombrero!! What could be better? Bueno!

-- 06/01/14

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