The Action Figures... In Action:
Episode 2

"I'm Falleen - and I can't get up!"

Han and Chewie as they appeared in SOTE. Chewbacca is shown in "Snoova" Bounty Hunter Disguise and Han appears in Temporary Surrogate Knockoff Character Outfit.

"All right, listen up Sport. First we gotta work on your appearance - you need to shave and make some attempt at getting a hairstyle. Oh, and pick up a black vest; they look good with anything. Then there's this "smuggling" ship of yours... You've got no room in it to smuggle anything! Oh wait, you might be able to fit a bag of groceries behind the seat here."

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I do think that Luke's platform shoes look silly. But what annoys me even more is that every time the three of us go out you wear that bounty hunter getup. The outfit looks nice and that helmet rocks but must you carry that dang little grenade everywhere we go?!? Frankly, it frightens me."

"Chewie? Oh, he's been hugging that bottle of maximum-strength non-aspirin pain reliever all morning. Yep, someone did a little too much celebrating last night... I found him sleeping on the front lawn with that silly haircut, an eyepatch, and a "vibro axe", whatever the hell that is. But the best part, and get this, is that he woke up this morning to find a brand-spankin'-new tattoo on his butt! Best I can figure it says "Snoova" or something... Isn't that right, Mr. Party Snoova?"

"Hey Dash, George Clooney called. He wants his haircut back."

"Oh yeah. Gene Simmons called. He wants his old KISS costume back."

New from Kenner! It's the Shadows of the Empire LOBOT™ vs UGNAUGHT™ Twopack! Includes two exciting new Action Figures!: First there's LOBOT, who comes with a removable cape, an Assault Rifle, a Super Assault Rifle, a Super Heavy Assault Rifle, and one bad attitude. The UGNAUGHT WARRIOR™ packs a punch of his own with a Heavy Assault Gun and the new BLASTPACK-2005, a veritable backpack of screaming death!. Available Christmas, 1996.

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