The Action Figures... In Action:
Episode 7

"This Speeder's automatic...
It's Greased Lightnin' -"

"Enough! If you guys intend to fix up that old Land Speeder then get to it. But if all you're gonna do is dance around and sing that song over and over, then I want this thing out of my garage."

"Hold on Greedo, don't you see the irony here?!? The last time we met in the Creature Cantina Action Playset, I was the one with the teeny little head. Now, heh heh heh, you're the one who has the "economy-sized" noggin! Isn't that just a hoot?!"

Things were great back in second grade until that mean R5-D4 transferred in and starting making life miserable for all the little droids in the class. But R5's short reign of terror ended during recess one day when he picked on R2 one too many times. Sure, the R5 packed lots of firepower. But his lack of articulation coupled with R2's catlike swiftness and strong resolve proved his downfall. It was a day that the Power Droids would talk about well into Junior High.

Following a bad fiscal year with their failed droid scavenging scheme, the Jawas turned their sights toward a more lucrative line of business. Now, when their van wasn't parked out front of Toys R Us, it could usually be found down at Captain Bob's Flea Market where they peddled the latest "rare" POF2 figures for six times retail.

All three stood trying to figure out what had just happened... Greedo eyed the Sandperson's shrunken head and hand molded in such a position that it would be impossible to hold any accessories. The Sandperson noticed Greedo's similarly disproportionate cranium and skin-tight bodysuit with pastel vest and booties. Meanwhile, Hammerhead looked at the selector on his weapon and the events that had transpired became clear. In his haste to blast the two of them for their derogatory comments about peace-loving botanists, he had inadvertently left his weapon on the "Kennerize" setting.

Special Preview -- Coming in October 1997... The POFToo Special Edition!

Original footage (left) features Leia scolding Han for bringing home Sparky the Bantha. Updated footage (right) has several droids added to enhance the "Star Wars feel" of the scene. It is also rumored that a computer generated Sparky will be placed in some older scenes in which Dash Rendar stood in for the then unproduced Bantha.

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