The Action Figures... In Action:
Episode 8

In the true spirit of "Fettsploitation," Boba Fett has been carefully hidden throughout Episode 8... Can you find Boba?

In reality, the ride wasn't even half as exciting as it sounded. But Lando's keen knack for sales kept the Jawas coming back week after week with their seemingly endless supply of quarters.

Sometimes, when no one else was around, Han would get out all of the little men in his collection and play "King of the Stormtroopers."

"The good news is that he won a free original taco. The bad news is that the gamepiece is stuck to his head. But I guess you already knew that."

Leia couldn't believe her eyes: Han sat playing with his SE Luke Jedi Knight as Sparky chewed on the priceless mint green package. (Some said her subsequent screams could be heard for blocks.) In the end, it would be quite some time before Sparky was allowed in the house again. And Han? Well, he would be spending the next two weeks sleeping on the COUCH ACTION PLAYSET™...

"OK, gather 'round and listen up. This information comes from the May issue of Action Wizard Digest. As always, we'll start with the ups and downs... Looks like the SE Luke is still, and I quote, 'Hot! Hot! Hot!'. Luke Jedi tan vest, Ben Kenobi .00, and Boba Fett split circles are holding steady. On the downside; Dash Rendar, you are now only worth $4 MOC and less than $1 loose... And I'd stop laughing back there Mr. Xizor. According to this, there's a peg out there someplace that you should be warming too..."

A POFToo Toy Fair Exclusive!

The images shown above are of two new Deluxe action figure sets, Interstellar Skateboarding Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett with X-Wing Fighter Backpack. Although these are prototypes, rumor has it that production figures will differ from those already released in the line. Luke is scheduled to have molded kneepads and a removable helmet while Boba Fett will feature a new design on his hands. Even at this early stage, the new design (shown inset) has been called the "S with two line" variation.

Elroy of Spokane, WA writes:

Dear POFToo gang,
Have you guys ever thought about giving out awards for some of the great Star Wars pages out there?

Well Elroy, It just so happens that we're currently working on several internet-related projects. Our first offering will be a review of the many webpages that review Star Wars webpages. At present, Lando is heading the team working on this end of the project.

We are also working on an award that will go to those quality sites that Sparky finds interesting. It's rather funny to watch Sparky surf the 'net - when he finds a page he really likes he does this silly little dance we've dubbed the "rumpshaker". (A preproduction sample of the Sparky's Rump Shaker Star Wars Picks award is shown right.)

- Boba "Full Circles" Fett

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