The Action Figures... In Action:
Episode 9

"Echo base, this is Han Hoth - it was some kind of probe droid... Well, it dang near put my eye out with an enormous plastic missile but Chewie managed to press its self-destruct button before anyone was hurt... No, I couldn't tell if it was a .00 or .01 - the packaging was nowhere to be found..."

Vader was genuinely touched that the Stormtroopers remembered to pick up his favorite flavor, strawberry. But their giddy laughter every time they pulled back on the dispenser's head was really starting to get on his nerves.

"Hang on Darth. Before you start with the usual 'power of the Dark Side' speech, hear me out. You told me, and I quote, 'due to defense cutbacks, we need to reduce the size of the AT-ST fleet.' Maybe if you had expressed yourself more clearly, this little misunderstanding could have been avoided. But noooooo, you had to bark orders and make threats - as usual. Honestly, your people skills need a lot of work."

The result of watching too many A-Team reruns on FX: a once mild-mannered medical droid now wore his body weight in gold, referred to everyone as "sucka", and insisted that he be called "Mr. Too."

As always, the highlight of the party was Leia's world-famous Ben "Oh-Blueberry-Wan" Kenobi Jello mold.

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Scooter of Tupelo, Mississippi writes:

Dear POFToo gang,
I read on the net that you had started taping the POFToo prequels. Is this true?

Contrary to what you may hear through the net, work on the prequels is still in the earliest stages of casting. We have only conducted some preliminary auditions, but recently drew quite a few veteran science fiction sidekick actors (shown right) for the part of "Young Sparky." Please watch this column for future updates on POFToo: Episode 0.

In order to dispel another false rumor currently circulating through the net, here is the truth from the source: POFToo has been renewed for another season thanks to positive viewer feedback. Following a brief hiatus, we'll be back later this summer with a brand new episode full of POFToo excitement!

- Han Carb and Sparky

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