The Action Figures... In Action:
Episode 10

"Well, don't ask me why! All I know is that shortly after he attached that foil thing to his uniform, he changed his name to ".01 Green Carded Collection 3 Hologram Sandtrooper" or somesuch. Of course, it's a whole lot easier to just call him the Stormtrooper formerly known as Bob."

"Every time you get that thing together it blows apart and you go flying across the room! Look Luke, you're one heck of a Jedi but you're just not mechanically inclined. Why not just admit it and ask Han and Chewie for some help?"

When Han had left the message on Luke's machine asking him to meet at 5:00, he hadn't thought it necessary to specifically state that he meant Luke Jedi. The result was a strange and rather awkward predicament that, quite honestly, had everyone a bit freaked out.

Sometimes when on their afternoon walk, Ben and Moff would stop by and watch Han playing with his collection. They'd drone on and on about how collecting has changed since the "old days" and how back then they appreciated their little men more. Han and Sparky learned fairly quickly that if they ignored the old coots, they would soon move on and bother someone else.

"Hang on Luke - you said his name is "Panda"? Well, he doesn't look much like a panda! No siree. He looks more like a walrus. Yeah, that's it - part walrus, but part man too. Like some sort of Walrus Man!"

Leia lost the toss and watched as the Emperor pointed to his first pick for the third annual POFToo company picnic volleyball tournament. It was no surprise that he chose Hank "No Neck" McGillicutty, the biggest member of the cast and the only one who could stuff Vader at the net.

E.L. of Tuscaloosa, Alabama writes:

Dear POFToo gang,
I'm trying to figure out the enigma that is
POFToo. Is there some way I can find out about what goes on behind the scenes?
PS I would like to present you with my Peztrooper Award!

Thanks for the award, E.L.! Look for it to be added to the Awards section of the page in the near future.

As far as behind the scenes info goes, keep an eye out for our new book, The Making of POFToo, that's scheduled for release this November. The book should retail for $49.95 and includes a look at the complete POFToo experience, from the earliest concept sketches to the completion of an entire "Action Figures... in Action" Episode. Included are illustrations, interviews, and all the juicy gossip that a fan could want!

Another publication, The Making of The Making of POFToo, will follow in late December. This work will offer a candid look at what it took to make The Making of POFToo reality. A two volume set will include special editions of both books as well as a handsome collector's binder. Look for these offerings and more at all fine bookstores this winter!

- The Stormtroopers (Bob, Earnie, Doug, and Little Petie)

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