The Action Figures... In Action:
Episode 11

"Sure Bob, most of the younger Stormtroopers do go with the Dewback GT because it's bigger and faster. But I tell you, the LX model over there offers a much smoother ride and has a far more pleasant demeanor! I recommend the LX because it suits you, your wallet, and your needs, Bob. But either way, remember our slogan here at Honest Rendar's: "If you're not 100% happy with your Dewback, you'll get 100% of your Dew-money-back!"

"So let me get this straight, Luke... You've been holding Admiral Ackbar here in this jar for the last week because you, let me get this right, thought he was 'a real live Sea Monkey like they used to show on the back of comic books'?!? Sometimes I really wonder how you managed to save the universe..."

"Well Bo, Zuckuss started falling apart right after EV-9D9 dumped him... Now he's all rusted up, calls himself "4-LOM," and I can't explain it, but I swear he's even put on some weight! I sure hope that Iggy can talk him into going out with us tonight - he could really use some cheering up."

Lando's latest scheme had seemed like a sure winner - mix a new sound with some cutting edge lyrics and throw in a dash of sex appeal to make the recipe complete. Unfortunately, talent wasn't a part of the plan, resulting in a very short and uneventful career for the Spice Droids.

"R2-D2, you wouldn't know modern art if it bit you in the steel-plated bum! This work symbolizes the suffering that Droids face on a daily basis. It's appropriately entitled Pain in the Asp."

New from Kenner - Relive some of the exciting scene that almost appeared in the Star Wars Special Edition with the new Sandcrawler Uprising® three-pack! Includes R5-D4, Jawa Warrior, Sandcrawler backdrop and the brand-new Rampage Gonk™ action figure, available only with this set! This limited exclusive should be available Christmas 1997 with an MSRP ' of $15.95 and an MSSP ² of $35.

1. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
2. Manufacturer's Suggested Scalper Price

Junior of Kenner, Louisiana writes:

Dear POFToo gang,
Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

Thanks, Junior! And thanks to the many people who have written words of encouragement during the past twelve months. Without your support, this endeavor would have never come this far!

By the way... Several fans found the little "secret" hidden in Episode 10 and wanted to know if PEZToo!!! will continue as a spin-off of this page. Unfortunately, time constraints and a lack of cast members means that PEZToo Episode 1 will remain the only episode of that series. (Rumor has it that the page's value has doubled since word has leaked out regarding its "limited" status.)

- The POFToo Gang

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