The Action Figures... In Action:
Episode 12

This page is dedicated to the rarest of the rare, opened POF2 merchandise. Purists should be forewarned that the following images graphically depict POF2 action figures and vehicles in manners that many would consider blasphemy. The faint of heart should turn back now before seeing the unthinkable; figures liberated from their plastic and cardboard prisons along with vehicles actually removed from the boxes... with stickers applied.

Feedback. New. FAQ. Awards.

"Look buddy, last year I was able to get you the Elmo but it took a lot of time and energy. And when I finally found it, I actually wrestled a little old lady for it in the middle of the store... I'm sorry pal, I just couldn't go through that again this year. But I promise, after the holidays when things settle down, I'll pick you up the first Sleep and Snore Ernie I can find!"

Down to the last two contestants in the Imperial Dance-Off, judges Vader and Tarkin faced a difficult, if not impossible, decision. For what seemed hours, the two competitors battled it out to the cheers of the crowd. In the end, the Snowtrooper's unconventional interpretation of The Mashed Potato was the deciding factor, winning him the '97 Trophy.

"If my predictions are correct, we are on the verge of a veritable tidal wave of 1970's nostalgia. It's seen on television, heard on radio, and about to be experienced in cyberspace. Gentlemen, I give you the LDN - Lando's DiscoDelic Network - -where the '70s can be relived in 16 million colors and Real Audio sound. For only $19.95 per month, members will have access to AMC Pacers, bell-bottoms, The Partridge Family, and much much more."

"Don't get me wrong, Leia. That outfit is very flattering but there's no way you're coming with us to Grandma Solo's house for dinner dressed like that!"

"OK, let's do a quick rundown before we leave... the Dewback's fed, we're armed to the teeth, our lunch is packed, and-- Holy cow! Doug, I think you're starting to yellow!!!"

"Master Luke, R2 predicts a 107% probability that the Winter Warlock would beat the Bumble in a fight."
"3PO, you just made that up! For the last five years, this Bumble-Warlock thing has come up every time we watch Rudolph. And every time, R2's been a strong Bumble supporter. Honestly, lying only shows how weak the Warlock position really is!"

The Twelve Days of POFToo
(A Sing Along)

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
A CS 12 inch Tarkin,
11 Scalpers Scalping,
A C-10 X-Wing Fighter,
9 Packs of CCG Cards,
8 New Princess Leias,
7 Taco Bell Toys,
A 6-Legged Monk of B'omarr,
.04 Case Assortment,
3 Ben Variations,
Han/Tauntaun 2-pack,
And a Luke Jedi with a Tan Vest!

Wendel of Topeka, Kansas writes:

Dear POFToo gang,
Have you ever thought about adding some high-tech wizardry to your page like frames or Java?

Well Wendel, it just so happens that all the excitement POFToo has to offer can now be navigated with frames! Now fans will be able to access all their favorite episodes with a minimum of effort. Seeing the Action Figures in Action has never been so easy!

As far as other high-tech additions, only the future knows what's in store for upcoming episodes!

- D. Vader

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