This page is dedicated to the rarest of the rare, opened Star Wars PEZ dispensers. Purists should be forewarned that the following images graphically depict the dispensers in manners that many would consider blasphemy. The faint of heart should turn back now before seeing the unthinkable; dispensers liberated from their plastic and cardboard prisons along with PEZ candy actually removed from the wrapper!

The Dispensers... Dispensing:
Episode 1

C-3PO knew the jig was up the moment Chewie walked in without knocking. The big lug wasn't too quick on the uptake but even he was sure to realize where the gang's PEZ supply had been disappearing to. 3PO, his little "problem" discovered, finished off one last sinfully delicious candy and prepared for the worst.

The guys looked on as Chewie stood beaming in front of his latest packaging variation, what he called the "Zed" dispenser. All three wanted to speak up but they remembered the old saying, "Never upset a PEZ Wookie by telling him he's reading something upside-down."

"All right guys, that's it. At first the "Pigs in Space" wisecracks were funny but enough is enough. I don't insult your girlfriends so I would appreciate it if you would offer me the same courtesy. Oh, and by the way, the name's Miss Piggy to you."

Mari-Lou of Bettendorf, Iowa writes:

Dear PEZToo gang,
What the heck is

Well, we're not quite sure but thought it would be interesting to poke a little fun at POFToo!

- C-3P(ez)0

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