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Figuretoon Quickies


This is the "Special Edition" version of an Artemis original. Well, wait, why go "SE" on it? It's not feeling creaky, like the original "Can Opener" was. It's perfectly funny, it's simple and straightforward, it gets the message across... why bother changing it? Here's a re-enactment:

Artemis: I made this!

Everybody: It's brilliant! I love it!

yo go re: Oh wait, better move the caption, or the logo will cover it.

Artemis: Can't you move the logo?

yo go re: Logo goes in the same place every time. That's how a logo works.

Artemis: I can't send you the layered file, because Australia limits me to dial-up.

yo go re: You're lucky I have the same porno dvd you do.

And then the talk just degenerated to a discussion of Pirates. Perverts. On the plus side, it gave us the chance to give WALL•E a "tech" speech ballon, like Iron Man has, and throw some distinguishing color behind the fantasy. If the two EVEs weren't really one EVE Photoshopped together, we would have had their "arms" out to cradle each other as they tenderly 69ed.

Bet that's something you weren't expecting to read today!

Vision-Impaired Transcript

[Caption]: After accessing the Axiom's film library, WALL•E's desires became a bit more... sophisticated.
WALL-E: Eee-vah on Eee-vah ac-tion!

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