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Figuretoon Quickies

"Three's Company"

Jon Favreau is one of those guys who has starred in multiple comicbook movies: in Daredevil he was professional sidekick Foggy Nelson; in Iron Man, he was Tony's friend/driver, Happy Hogan. So when Art Asylum released a Jon Favreau Minimate in Series 35, this Figuretoon was a no-brainer.

The title of the strip refers to the late-70s sitcom, which is often cited as the ur-example of taking two dates to the same event. In fact, Jon's thought balloon, where he's singing the tv show's themesong to himself for inspiration, comes from the Season 2 Futurama episode "A Flight to Remember":

"I learned how to handle delicate social situations from a little show called Three's Company."

"Um, let me think. Come and knock on our door, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh. Uh, Mr. Roper..."

"Uh... (He hums the theme again)."

So Happy/Foggy is just the Series 35 Minimate with no changes. Tony Stark uses the Series 21 body from the Iron Monger two-pack, and the Playboy Tony Stark from the "Hostile Takeover" four-pack - both his PDA and the briefcase "Haggy" is carrying come from various 24 Minimates. Matt, meanwhile, is an update to the custom Minimate from years ago: he uses Charles Xavier's body, Hydro-Man's feet, Wonder Man's head (since it was already wearing red glasses) and uses the hair from Juggernaut sorry, The Flash. His cane comes from Future Biff Tannen, which is why he's holding it in such a way that you can't see the little fist on the end of it.

And just as a fun aside, notice that this Figuretoon, starring Marvel characters, was posted on 6/16, and that the official designation of the Marvel Univese is 616. Total coincidence, but still super nerdy!

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Matt Murdock: Come on, Foggy, we're due in court.
Tony Stark: Plane's ready, Happy. Wheels up in 10.
Jon Favreau: Uh... "Come and knock on our door..."

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