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Figuretoon Quickies

"Ol' Blue Eye"

Proving that Figuretoons come from odd places, this one was shot because Artemis had the Daleks off the shelf for the final photo of the Collector Set review.

The first idea was that it'd be Thay singing, and Sec's line would be "Right, you just volunteered to have your butt-plates bolted to the lightning rod," but we changed it to Caan due to two factors: one, Caan being the eccentric of the group ties into him going insane later on, and he was easier to get off the shelf than Thay. Artemis is up over 100 Doctor Who figures now, so they're getting pretty tightly-packed to fit everyone on the shelf. It's convenient that Sinatra's nickname was "Ol' Blue Eyes," and the modern Daleks really did have blue eyes on the end of their stalks.

Odd thing about this is that we really can't imagine the casual speaking in proper Dalek voices - it just seems funny to have Daleks talking like that - but we can imagine a Dalek voice singing "New York, New York."


Also, hexagonal speech bubbles are a pain in the butt.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Dalek Caan: Guy guys guys, check this out!
Dalek Caan: (Okay pig-slave, go.)
Pig-Slave: Da da, da-da-da, da da da-da-da, da da da-da-da, da!
Dalek Caan: Start spreadin' the news!
Pig-Slave: Da da, da-da-da, da da da-da-da.
Dalek Caan: I'm leavin' today!
Pig-Slave: Da da, da-da-da, da da da-da-da.
Dalek Caan: Get it? "Daleks in Manhattan?"
Dalek Sec: Yeah... yeah, I get it. You're f^&#%ing weird, Caan.

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