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That joke, "what does NASCAR stand for" is an old one, but its charmingly tactless implications still hold true. Naturally, the N doesn't usually stand for "nig-cars," but surely you can figure out what it is. If you can't, try saying it out loud. Shout it, even. In the real world, NASCAR stands for North American Stock Car Automobile Racing.

The inspiration for this was simply that Roadbuster, Jazz and Leadfoot all have retractable sunglasses, and it would be fun to put them together. That's it. And naturally, since everybody thinks of Jazz as being "black," why would he ever be hanging out with two NASCAR 'bots? He wouldn't - not by choice, anyway.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Roadbuster: You lost, boy?
Jazz: "Boy?"
Leadfoot: Yeah, son, don't you know what "NASCAR" stands for?
The yokels: Nig-cars Ain't Supposed ta Come Around the Racetrack!

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