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Figuretoon Quickies

"חנוכה שמח"

Ben Grimm and Marc Spector are only two of Marvel's Jews: there's also Kitty Pryde, Iceman, Magneto, Justice, Doc Samson... the list goes on.

The Baxter Building is the headquarters of the Fantastic Four - at least, it is when there's no Four Freedoms Plaza. That kind of comes and goes. Since it's right in the city, it makes a great place to have superhero get-togethers. It even happens canonically in a lot of the big crossovers. Maybe last year's party was at the Xavier Institute, and next year's will be at Avengers Mansion. You know, it rotates. The party, not the mansion.

We were going to have Ben inviting Batwoman to the party, but the Batman wing of our toy museum is closed for renovations.

The "story" of this Figuretoon is based on an old joke about a boy visiting his grandmother. Since Hanukkah began last night at 4:44, it seemed like a perfect time to show that not all superheroes are Christian.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Thing: When you get to the Baxter Building for the Hanukkah party, you can push the door open with your elbow.
Thing: Tell them your name at the desk, they'll let you in the elevator. Just hit the button with your elbow.
Moon Knight: ...I'll just ask: what's with the elbows?
Thing: You were going to come empty handed?

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