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Figuretoon Quickies

"Knifin' Around"

The white Clown Thug was painted with his eyes pointing down slightly, which made it look like he was ogling his knife. It was only a small step from there to having him singing a song about his beloved weapon.

If you're an awful person with terrible taste in tv shows, you may recognize this as a variation of the "Happy Kitty" song from The Big Bang Theory; if you avoid things that are garbage, then just know that the song is actually called "Warm Kitty" and the lyrics were written in 1937, set to a traditional tune.

The title of this week's toon is a reference to a Space Ghost episode. But those lyrics were harder to transcribe.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Clown Thug: (singing) Stabby knife/Slice-y knife/Knife that's made of steel...
Clown Thug: (singing) Bloody knife/Flaying knife/Peel, peel, peel!

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