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Figuretoon Quickies

"Kronis Devouring His Children"

This is our favorite kind of Figuretoon: the kind that's ridiculously obscure and requires a high level of specialized knowledge in several fields in order to be only moderately funny. Yeah. Woo.

The title of the toon is a reference to Goya's painting Cronus Devouring his Children. Trapjaw's real name is Kronis. Thus, we used the MOTUC Trap Jaw (who has parts to turn him into Kronis) as the dad, and the 2002 Trapjaws as his children. Because they're smaller.

After taking the photos, it became apparent that having blue Kronis eating blue Trapjaw didn't provide enough contrast, so we used Photoshop to swap the blue and green Trapjaws, and to tone down the green on Kronis so the one he was holding stood out more.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Trapjaw: Daddy, no!

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