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Figuretoon Quickies

"Reynolds' Rap"

Deadpool and Green Lantern were both played by Ryan Reynolds - and both portrayals were problematic for different reasons.

In Deadpool's case, the movie got "Wade Wilson" right but messed up Deadpool. And Green Lantern did GL okay, but apparently didn't have any idea who Hal Jordan was.

Anyway, both characters, played by the same actor, got cute, small-scale toys based on them. And so it seemed to make sense to put them in a Figuretoon together and let them fight it out to see who was really ruined forever.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Deadpool: Raise your hand if you have any chance of getting a sequel!
Green Lantern: That's not a hand, that's a claw, you cheap Wolverine knock-off. At least my movie knew what I look like.
Deadpool: At least mine knew my personality, "Kyle Rayner."
Green Lantern: Oh yeah? I met and married Blake Lively.
Deadpool: Are you counting that as a win or a loss?

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