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Figuretoon Quickies

"Gears of Duty"

As mentioned in the Hero's Duty Ralph review, there's no Sgt. Calhoun in the Wreck-It Ralph toyline. And that seemed like an oversight to us, so we decided to correct that by pairing him up with Anya Stroud, who even has the same haircut as the Sarge!

In the trailers, one of Sgt. Calhoun's lines was "who the holy hotcakes are you?" So that's where that line came from (but PS: the line wasn't actually in the movie). The second bit of text... well, it's a reference to this. And it's not very nice. You've been warned:

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Anya Stroud: I don't know who the holy hotcakes you are, soldier--
Anya Stroud: --but if you don't stop calling me "Calhoun," I'll personally see to it you end up like Dom's *$&% wife.

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