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Figuretoon Quickies

"Yakety Sax"

The only point to this Figuretoon is that you can lift Elizabeth's dress over her head, and if you pose Dr. Manhattan properly, he looks nude. That's all. And of course, if you don't know what "Yakety Sax" is, well, you just don't know that you know:

And of course, in this case, a bobby is a British policeman.

You may have noticed that we used Comic Sans for this strip, instead of our usual font. There's a reason for that. People love to complain about Comic Sans, because it makes them feel smart. It makes them feel like they know something about fonts when they really don't. Designers don't hate Comic Sans - they hate that it's overused, but that's different. Here's an impassioned defense of Comic Sans that says it better than we can. Comic Sans has its place, and its place is right here. Why? Because of what you don't know about it.

Comic Sans, the font you love to pretend to hate, is based on Dave Gibbons' lettering for Watchmen. Go get your copy off the shelf and check, if you don't believe us. The greatest comic novel ever written, and the font you hate more than any other (primarily because you can't name any other fonts beyond Arial/Helvetica and Times New Roman) is right there on every page! Comic Sans is taking over the world? It already did it 35 minutes ago 27 years ago. So just like we copied Dr. Manhattan's word balloon style for this toon, we also copied his specific font.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Dr. Manhattan: I don't know which one of us should be more embarrassed...
Dr. Manhattan: ...but I do know that "Yakety Sax" should be playing while a bobby runs past.

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