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Figuretoon Quickies

"William 'T. is for Thunderbolts' Riker"

To start with, this is another in our "Riker" series. And yet he doesn't even appear in this toon! That's David Xanatos, from Disney's Gargoyles - but he was voiced by Jonathan Frakes.

The color-coded team on the left are the current incarnation of the Thunderbolts. Instead of being press-ganged villains, this is a covert ops squad run by Thunderbolt Ross (thus the name). Membership seems to be based mainly on costume colors. Elektra and Deadpool were already black and red, but Punisher and Venom needed a slight hue shift to fit in with the group.

Since Venom is so big, he had to be Photoshopped in to look the appropriate size next to everybody else. So did Xanatos, since he was so small.

Deadpool is demonstrating his ability to break the fourth wall by refering to this Figuretoon.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Xanatos: It's not that I don't appreciate the offer...
Xanatos: ...I'm just not sure that a colorscheme is the best way to build a new team.
Deadpool: Hey, it worked for the Cookies 'N' Cream Avengers!

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