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Figuretoon Quickies

"Capital Combat"

This comic makes a lot more sense if you know that Robocop really did once appear in a wrestling angle to help out Sting. It's as stupid as it sounds. Sadly, ED-209 was not involved, though that would have been epic.

"Capital Combat" was the name of the PPV event where all this idiocy took place. And the Four Horsemen in question aren't the toy sculptors, but the wrestling stable of Nature Boy Ric Flair and his buddies.

The prison cell Sting's chilling in comes from Hannibal Lecter, with a lid photoshopped on.

Vision-Impaired Transcript

Sting: Robo, I know I still owe you one from that time with the Four Horsemen--
Sting: --but I think I'm fine being inside the cage this time.
Sting: Good luck, buddy!

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