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yo go re

yo go re
The Prolific One

In addition to designing the site and doing all the heavy lifting, yo got the others hooked on reviews. He used to write the toy review column "Breaking the Mold" for various outlets. Poorly. Though he's much better now. He's the Zen Master of Action Figures, and unbeatable at Simpsons trivia. If only he'd write faster.

1. What got you into reviewing? What figure was so cool that you just had to tell everyone about it?
Swamp Thing, from DC Direct. That thing was just supremely astounding, but no one seemed to be talking about it. I wanted to spread the word. I'm still looking for the GitD version today.

2. What's your favorite review?
Augh, don't make me choose! If you at least want it narrowed down, I like the ones that are educational, like Hulk or Plan B's firemen. The ones that go off-topic to teach you about something new. It's our strength.

3. Best late night talk show host?
Either Jon Stewart or Conan O'Brien. Letterman hasn't been even marginally funny since the early '80s, and Leno... Leno? No one would pick Leno.

4. Who's your favorite hero/villain?
DC's Oracle, and Marvel's Juggernaut.

5. Best thing about toys right now?
That we're getting so very much cool stuff from so very many different sources. I love that companies have realized that they can't just rely on sculpt or articulation anymore; I love the block figure trend, Minimates and Mez-Itz and their ilk; I love good updates of old properties; and really, I love the fellowship in the fan community. Generally.

6. Worst thing about toys right now?
Prices. Especially on roto figures. Those things are supposed to be cheaper than regular toys, not more expensive.

7. What's your guilty pleasure?
Racial slurs. Not because I hate any group, but because I either 1) don't care or 2) find the word itself funny. And the more you use a word, the less power it has, cracker.

8. Sculpt, paint or articulation?
Mix 'em up. Sculpt is nice, but it's nothing if the figure doesn't move. Articulation works, even on something plain as a Stikfas. A lot of paint problems can be overlooked, but the production apps never hold up to the protos.

9. Mexican, Italian or Chinese?
Mexico uber alles! I like the others, as well, but you can't go wrong with tacos. Unless you go to Taco Bell. Cheese is not a damn vegetable, Jabba!

10. What's the first toy you remember getting?
Ram-Man, I think. Or Trapjaw.

11. Favorite toy of all time?
Snake-Eyes. The second one, with the wolf. Though I really like his TFAC update, too.

12. Favorite band?
Mookie Blaylock.

13. We all buy a lot of toys; what do you actually collect?
Anthropomorphic things - werewolves first of all, but any humanistic animal (or plant, in one case) will do.

14. Your most wanted toy line?
Lone Wolf and Cub, with a fully functional weapon-loaded babycart.

15. Who makes the best toys?
No one. It's the individual toys that matter, not the name on the packaging.

16. What's your favorite candy?
Whatchamacallit. Terribly underrated.

17. What toy that you never got as a kid have you sought out now that you're an adult?
Voltron. The cool one, not the lameass cars.

18. What obscure, unmarketable property would you love to have as figures?
Highlander - the TV show, since it's so much better than the movies. Give me Duncan, dammit!

19. What are you into besides toys?
All your usual geek stuff: comics, cartoons, music and movies.

20. What's your secret stash for finding toys?
I've got a few. You only get one. Pharmacies are often overlooked by scalpers: CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, whichever is in your region.

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